23 things a perfect-hubby-to-be does


   HORNY MOOD , egeeeeeee. :)

  • Try to secretly smell my hair coz he knows what type of shampoo im using, but I always notice.

  • Stick up for me, but still respect my independence.

  • Please calm me when im so clumsy at at time :)

  • Come up behind me and put his arms around me, and ask "Where's the necklace?" Freezeeee ;p 

  • Play with my hair. & reminds me for not cut my hair.

  • His hand would always find my hand, till I feel annoying. 

  • Be cute when he really wants something, *bear face.

  • Offer me plenty of massages, especially when I said my head is spinning. 

  • Lets open pusat anak anak yatim, sayang

  • Never run out of love. :)

  • Be funny, but know when to be serious.

  • Realize he's being funny when he need to be serious.

  • Be patient when me take forever to get ready.

  •  React so cutely when I hit him, though it actually hurts.

  • Smile a lot. =)

  • Plan a romantic date full of things he wouldnt normally do because he knows it means alot to me.

  • Appreciate me.

  • Helps others out.

  • Always give me a kiss when I leave, even when the public are watching.

  • Have a creative sense of humour.

  • Stare at me and speak nonsense thing. ILOVEU sudah

  • Call for no reason, do misscalls and pretend like he didnt. Auw!

  • Make me smile when im down, wipe all my tears with his fat fingers.

  • gatal merela dah aku nih. okbye.

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