Twitter acronym


Here some info for my lovely friend out there that have twitter account, yang baru ada, atau dah lame ade.
and sometimes people that you're following or your friends taip words macam ni
RT, PRT , FTW , BTW ...........................
aku mula mula pon tak tahu ape la diorg mencarut nih.
RT tu  aku ingat retak tulang, tapi macam tak logik la kan.
twitter tempat aku mengumpat, ASTAGHFIRULLAH. *tutup mulut.
tak,mane ade. tempat mengarut , berjiwang dan jumpe orang awesome .

ni so this is the meaning

RT - Retweet

PRT - Partial / Please Retweet

OH - Overhead

DM - Direct Messages

BTW - By The Way

FTW - For The Winner

FTL - For The Lost

IRL - In Real Life

FTF - Face To Face

IMHO - In My Honest Opinion

BR - Best Regard

B/C - because

LMK - Let Me Know

L8R - Later

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