Graduated. Konvokesyen Uitm ke 80


started to fall in love with blogging. Im done with instagram , twitter and facebook zzz. 
Alhamdulilah I'm graduated . Im a diploma in accountancy holder , after three years struggle to pass all the paper especially FAR paper (account)and MAF paper (costing). 

Other people , outside there will say, 'it's only diploma' ' diploma je pun' , people would say 'diploma is nothing'. To me, diploma is a one step that people dont bother about. Rather than other student that takes foundation (1 year) study, or bachelor study . 

Accountancy is hard without your parents and friends to support you. Alhamdulilah i  have gone through the tough time, the beautiful time, the happy moment with the most havoc classmate i ever had. 

I once want to give up with account because its hard meynn! As you reach final year or final semester, people say, it is the hardest semester. I cried a lot for account paper. Only account paper, but the other subject like business law, management, audit or tax, im okay with it. 

Alhamdulilah alhamdulilah for everything 

Thank you friend. Thank you parents. 

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