Skincare , makeup and lifestyle blog post idea

You know sometimes, its hard to find what to post in blog. Its like, i wanna write something but didn't know what topics to write about. Sometimes i do blog walking so i get an idea what to post in my blog.
I have several skincare product that i didnt make review yet, because im gonna finish the product first and see how my skin react to the product.

Here are some idea that what i can blog about, and what you can blog about related to skincare,makeup and lifestyle
These blog post idea for skincare, makeup and lifestyle will help you on your way to creating engaging post that keep your readers coming back for more. I hope you find some useful idea in this list :

1.   Skincare Review : COSRX Low Ph Good Morning Cleanser
2.  Top 5 lipcare in drugstore
3. Oily skin routine should have
4. What oily skin routine should avoid
5. Skincare Review : The ordinary
6. DIY Face mask recipe
7. How to get rid of tiny bumps
8. Wishlist Skincare 2019
9. Best ingredient for acne-prone skin
10.Why moisturiser is important
11. Best Skincare product for oily skin
12. Best Skincare product for sensitive skin
13. How to get glow skin
14. How to make your own face mask
15. My empties for this month

1. Makeup Review : Syedewa Lip Lacquer in Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur.
2. Everyday makeup look
3. Makeup Review : Loreal Infallible Pro- Matte Foundation
4. Makeup Review : Wardah Acnederm Loose Powder
5. My favourite makeup remover.
6. My favourite highlighter.
7. Everyday makeup brush
8. 15 minute makeup
9. Makeup dupes
10. Face of the day
11. My eyeshadow collection
12. My lipstick collection
13. Makeup Storage Tips
14. Sephora Haul
15. Best high end makeup

1. What 2019 had taught me
2. How i increase my blog traffic
3. How i make RM25,000 sale as dropship
4. Hotel Review
5. Homestay Review
6. What inside my handbag
7. My wishlist place to travel
8. Think positive and get motivated
9. Wishlist Gadget
10. The more you give, the more you get.
11. How to save money monthly
12. Daily routine
13. Weekly Routine
14. Housechores
15.  Share fitness routine / diet

Some topics are for me, for my upcoming blog post. I just write here for my reference.
Happy blogging everybody!
Thank you for reading my blog.

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