Wish For 2012


My 2011 was great alhamdulilah. Macam macam dugaan ALLAH uji hambanya. I have great time with my family, friends and people around me. I'm so thankful to ALLAH for everything.

So okay, since it’s a new year, I’ve decided to change for the better.
I want a new life now, more responsible, mature, and smart.

1. Try and eat more healthy food.
2. Be more active and get to a comfortable weight.
3. Try to perform qiammulail for often
4. Read al-quran more 
5. Save money.
6. Read as many books as possible.

2011, I met amazing people, got close to amazing people, gotten closer to my family, had a ton of new experiences.

Another year went by, and here comes a new one. I would like to start off this post by greeting everyone a very blissful and happy new year. May this year be good to all of us! Amin. InsyaALLAH.

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