Good deeds


What can you say about this video? I'm so touched. Rasa macam waaaa , buat baik terus orang balas baik. waahhh. Betul la orang kata, buat baik di balas baik. Tapi jangan la kita buat baik sebab dengan harapan orang akan balas baik dengan kita. It's like, kita buat baik , kita dapat pahala, hati pun senang, Allah pun happy. Bila Allah happy tengok hamba dia yang always ikut perintah, and ofkos Allah bantu kite in everything. Feel calm when we do good deeds to people. People will appreciate you. People will pray for you, pray for you future. Subhanallah, if and only if all people in this world make good deeds, dan tak de pentingkan diri or what so ever, amat lah indah.

Good deeds are so important in islam, Helping others and presenting the real image of Islam as peaceful and beautiful.
Nanti akhirat pun, each person's deeds will be weighed on a scale and if the good deeds outweigh the bad, Allah promised us JANNAH. I repeat JANNAH.

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