Trust him


Went to someone's wedding with ayah , ibu and aisyah. Actualy ayah 's friend's daughter punye wedding. I always feel excited going to anybody's wedding. If i went with my ibu, always whisper to her 'ibu, nanti alia kahwin nak macam ni' , 'ibu, alia kahwin nanti taknak macam ni'. She understand me. Alhamdulilah. But this time naaa, i dont have that feeling thinking about future with the topic of wedding or relationship. Because ALLAH already set who is your husband, who is your wife, with who you marry with, It just 'NOT YET' . That's why I always remind myself ' I believe in ALLAH, I believe in HIM,I trust him'. Doesn't mean you have three years of relationship with your boyfriend, and you will marry him. Kuasa tuhan kita tak tahu.

What i can say is, we must always , always, always remember ALLAH. Follow sunnah rasullulah, even benda tu kecik sekali pun.

Lagi kita dekat , lagi kita percaya, lagi kita cintakan ALLAH, lagi tu ALLAH sayang. Lagi Allah mudahkan kita ke syurga yang tertinggi. Insyaallah. Kita mintak apa pun, insyaallah dia bagi punye. Bila kita cintakan someone, ofcourse kita percaya kan dia. Same! Love Allah,Trust Allah

Tak akan pernah ALLAH kecewakan hambanya jika kita lebih dekat dengan dia. Tak akan.

Allah manages everything in the heavens and earth—the sun, the moon, the stars—with perfection, and yet we dont trust Him to manage our lives!” - yasmin mogahed

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