9th October 2014


Last Wednesday, 9th October 2013, 

Here is how the day goes...
It was 8 october 2014, I woke up early because I have Audit final exam at 215pm,revise and study back what i've learn from sir Jismi (always play games on phone in his class) , me and my housemate went to the bendahara hall for audit paper, it was quite hard , soalan tak direct , I hate it! 

Wawa (Zuladwa) told us, that night he want to treat all the classmates ikan bakar at umbai. (area melaka, but never know where) 
Like seriuosly? or maybe he is joking
So we went home and decided to qada' tido. And yes, i slept at 6pm until maghrib but all my housemate watched runningman episode 166 (im a korean lover, please dont hate me) 

 After isyak we went out for dinner, and wawa did ask us to join makan ikan bakar, but naaaa. Not going. Ayah suddenly whatsapp me ' happy birthday Alia'
Im so touched because i dont expect ayah will become the first to wish. Suroh ayah call, and menangeh terharu dekat kedai makan tuh. Haha. 

After dinner , we went home and i decided to continue my sleep and wanna wake up at twelve sharp. But my heart beat fast, i cant sleep, i cried, bantal basah air mata bejurai , im just too sad because sangat berbeza birthday tahun ni dengan tahun lepas. 
It's like , last year im the most happiest girl in the world , my classmate, housemate and bestfriend in lendu make a surprise for me at the beach. But this year, hanya berada di katil menangeh merindui ibu ayah di ruma. Baring sampai jam 1150 , woke up and keluar bilik and say 'happy birthday , aliah' *sambil tepuk tangan sendiri. My housemate, Ash smile at me, kak farah tido depan tv, and adila tido kat bilik. 

At this hour, i just want to punch everybody's face, because feel useless on this earth to have friend like you guys! Arghh. Kejap, tapi aizat ada whatsapp video, kengkonon video shout out, thank you jemah. Terharu. Geng Fast Five, farah, shepa and bazirah hanta gambar happy birthday. Thank you banyak banyak. 
Suddenly Ash dari luar rumah, surprised me with three slice of cake siap tiap tiga lilin atas kek. Terharuuu. One of the good things happened. Tapi still sedih. 

An it is the most saddest birthday I have ever gone through in my life so far. To others, it was just another normal day. To me, it was depressing to know it's my birthday, a really special day to me, and yet other people treated it just like a normal day of no importance. 

It was just okay, nothing particular nice.

Seeing as it's my 21st birthday, I really expected something much better than this experience. I mean, it is my coming of age and an important transition in my life. Yet it ended up as nothing of any importance.... =(

Happy birthday Aliah !!! 

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