Hijab Tutorial (Let me think first)


I am not a hijabista. I am not a celebrity.  Kawan kawan di Instagram ada tanya how i wear this and how i wear that.
My friends on instagram also asked me to make tutorial on how i wear it neatly.

To me, this is so serabut. So how to teach other people?

Let me think first to make the tutorial or not.
Or i just told them to search on youtube, search how to wear long shawl, or long pashmina or bla bla bla.
My mum doesn't want me to wear all those type of shawl. She told me it looks messy.  Its like i dont have the confident to teach other people how i wear this.
I think every mum like to wear tudung syria, because it's easy ,  that's why they want  their daughter to wear like them. No, i cant wear 'tudung syria'. I look like 'makcik indon dekat pasar'. If  i went to pasar with my mum, i rather wear tudung bawal rather tudung syria.

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