I think that i want to get away from people. Seems like someone hates me but at the same time she want to know about me and cakap belakang about me.

I spend too much time in twitter, tweeting what i do yesterday, what my heart felts, like stress, happy, give up on something and etc.
Twitter is tempat you share something, you argue, tapi tak gaduh la, and you express yourself. But somehow ada .... ada something buat aku , macam , no more tweet la buat masa ni.

Still into twitter sebab nak update news pasal world, gossip, best friend and beloved classmates.

Sekarang ni macam nak menyendiri. Eceh. Menyendiri tapi nak bersosial, haa cemana tu?
So saya berblog la.

Lepas ni berblog je la. Boleh tulis pepanjang tanpa limit, kalau tweet tu, ada limit.

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