Entering your heart


Your heart were locked. Locked since you thought no one will loves you. But actually I was invisible loving you at first. Then i started to appear and give some hint to you.
You makes me never existed, because you did not know that is love.

You are so different. You are so unique. You loves action figure and all those robot stuff. You loves anime. You loves coc (every man loves this game because its so addicted) and one piece the most.

I have tried so many things to get to know you. I've started to stalked you. Everywhere. Mostly in social media. But you have no twitter, no instagram , no blog , no tumblr , no friendster, ya allah so hard to get to know you because you have no social media except facebook.

I've read a lot about love in Islam etc. 'Once you are marry someone, you are not marring him or her only, but also you are marrying his family'

So I've started to take the first step,
I found your facebook!!! So excited at this time. My heart beat so fast. Hmmm, dont know why.
Im too shy to add you on facebook. But I 'add as friend' to your sister. I've start to take the first step to know you, through your sister's facebook,and found your picture when you were a little. So cute!

To be continue

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