Food Review : Sweetree Halal Korean Restaurant


Hai lovelies,

Sejak sejak ni, asyik nak try makanan halal korea. Dah  banyak dah restaurant korea halal kat Malaysia, lelagi KL. 
Tak payah pergi korea kalau semata nak makan makanan sana. 

Last month , my friends, Farahin want to try Halal Korean Restaurant, Sweetree Restaurant. 
We went to Ampang with my two friend, Aizat and Farahin. It is located at Ampang Putra . You can use waze to find the location.

It was my second time tried korean food, it is always delicious. 

We ate

Bibimbap, Kimchi Jjigae (Orange one), and Bulgogi Plate (if im not mistaken)

All the food are so delicious, I love the Kimchi JJigae the most, taste like curry, little bit like tomyam. Big portion. Worth it! The price around RM20. 



We also tried their Bingsu. Like ice cream.
We tried Matcha Green Tea Bingsu.
Very big portion. 
You just have to share with two , three people. (Share duit, kihkihkih)

The matcha green tea powder, served with red bean and vanilla ice cream 

Overall, I 'll give 9/10 rating for this Halal Korean Restaurant.
Gonna try again, with another menu.
You can go to sweetree website here or their facebook link here .

Have a nice day.

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